You may now purchase Jireh using your credit card.  You can swap for Jireh tokens if you already have BNB in your wallet.  If not, change from swap to buy below and connect your wallet after choosing how much you wish to purchase. Follow the rest of the prompts and that’s it! They will notify you once you’ve purchased the bnb and then help you trade for Jireh.  You now own Jireh Token.  



Contract Renounced!
Liquidity Locked For 1 Year

                                                       Audit Completed

Our audit is complete and we passed without issue.  Have a look at the audit.

We understand there hasn’t been much action on Jireh in the past few weeks. Just know we are here to stay and the token will pick up the pace once this bear market is over. We have not gone below 300% increase from our launch price. This shows you people are holding because they understand the value of Jireh and know that good we are trying to do. For the holders: Thank you and your patience will pay off.e


100,000,000,000 TOKENS



To keep our taxes low we did not include a burn on transactions. We will have monthly burns instead. When we begin leasing properties, we will be taking a portion of the rental fees and using that to buy and burn. While that may take a little time to get going, we will be burning 10% of the marketing wallet for all funds received during the previous month..

BUYS- 5%







SELLS - 8%












We are giving away 10% of each months marketing wallet of funds received from the previous month and splitting this among 5 holders through a random draw.  This could literally be worth 1000’s of dollars or more each month.

All you have to do is be invested with Jireh Tokens for the entire previous month to be eligible without having sold any Jireh tokens in that month.  We will take token wallets that have held Jireh Token the entire month (or bought on July 1st to count for July) and hand out 10% of all marketing wallet funds earned in that month to 5 people.  

The marketing wallet receives 2% of all buys and sells in BSC token.  We will calculate all the tokens raised in the month.  Then we will purchase Jireh Tokens with 10% of that amount. This gives all holders their share of reflections from that purchase.  Once we have selected the winners for that month, we will send each of them 20% of the Jireh Tokens purchased. This will create another transaction that will give out reflections.

This bonus is subject to change at any time and all transactions will be visible on the blockchain.  We reserve the right to modify this offer at any time and may raise the number of winners at any time, but always with advanced notice.

About Andy

Andy is the founder of Jireh Token. Being a crypto investor and entrepreneur, Andy began Jireh in an attempt to raise funds to further his dream of helping others.

Currently residing in Texas where he lives with his wife Janet.  Andy is the author of the book titled “End of Watch: The Beginning” which honors fallen officers from our first known officer killed in the line of duty in the 18 century through the 19th century.


Andy currently works for a global MLM company as a fraud analyst and also has his own investment group which is closed to new investors when he started this token so he could not be accused of one or the other to promote either.  Previous employment includes the USPS and has been a bounty hunter and private investigator.


Andy has always operated on the idea of giving back.  He started two charities (years apart). The first was School Sense where his charity raised funds by providing various schools the needed back to school supplies and was President of The Christian Music Hall of Fame & Museum which celebrated gospel and Christian music artists.  

Other Investments

On top of investing quite a lot of money (his standard of a lot!) into crypto with hopes of using those funds to further the current charity this token represents, he is also a producer on the upcoming movie “Camp Hideout” and has also invested in the A7FL football league.  Funds received from both will go to serve this charity.

Partnerships, Promoters, Affiliates and more...

Jireh Token was built and launched to help the investor make money while providing an avenue to help widows stay in their forever home.

We will be aiding widows and widowers by repairing and remodeling their homes after losing their spouse or determining any needs they have so they won’t lose their home. 

A portion of the charity funds used will also provide us the ability to purchase property. This purchased property will then be leased out and those funds will further help both the token holders and the widows we are helping.

Each month we receive rent money from the properties we are leasing/renting, we will use those funds in the following manner after costs are deducted. 25% off the top for administration and other costs. After that, the following formula will be used to disburse funds received from any lease/rental:

·         40% – funds to cover costs for widow homes

·         30% – funds to be used for purchase of additional revenue generating properties

·         10% – taxes, insurance, etc

·         10% – maintenance costs, etc.

·         10% – back to Jireh token to be used for the benefit of the token

How will the utility work?


The ‘charity’ wallet will be used in two ways. The first way is a portion of those funds will be used to help widows and widowers on fixed income.

When we find out about someone who needs our help, we will visit with that person and gather a lot of information from them to make sure they actually need our help.  We want to help those on fixed income with no other ability to make necessary repairs on their home. Once we have verified this person qualifies for the assistance from Jireh, we will assess the needed repairs/remodeling and come up with the funds to cover those needs.

Our team will establish all the qualifications and guidelines to receive our help.  Each case will be unique and we will work to help them where they need it and do so in a timely and responsible manner.


The other portion of the funds will be used to purchase homes in the same general area where we are helping widows and widowers.  We will purchase property, make necessary repairs to get it rent ready and then lease those properties out.  We will be paying cash for the home and starting at zero with the rent received. 

When we have a home ready and begin renting it out, we will take portions of that rent money as follows:

After the initial overhead costs of 25%, the balance of funds will be disbursed as follows:

40% will be used to fund helping widows and widowers

30% will be used to buy more rental property

10% will be used for taxes, insurance, etc.

10% will be used for maintenance, etc.

10% will go back to Jireh to be used for the token

Once there is $5,000 or more at the end of any given month, we will purchase Jireh token and send them to the burn wallet.

We will begin small and grow.  While we may have only one home in the beginning, we will continue to add to this. 


As an added bonus (hopefully), we will be using other crypto assets to accomplish our goals with Jireh.  We are currently holding several other tokens and at a loss during this bear market, profits from these other tokens when they become profitable will be helping to fund this project.  Properties

will be purchased using our trading of other tokens.  While the profits from these other tokens have cost Jireh holder nothing at all, they will benefit the investor once a property is purchased with the funds. Our goal is to have a minimum of 300 properties within the first 5 years at a rough estimate of $75,000,000 in property assets.  We hope to have helped at least 250 widows and widowers stay in their forever homes.  While it may be a slow start, we believe it will accelerate at a fast pace. Our team will work tirelessly to make sure things go smoothly for all involved, especially the widows and widowers.

As stated above, all crypto profits owned by True Texas Trust will help benefit Jireh by applying profits made from these tokens (if any) to our property purchase agenda.  Here is a list of the tokens owned by True Texas Trust:


Some money made will be used to purchase other tokens in the future.  No guarantees any of these tokens will produce substantial profits.  Our goal here is to be as transparent as possible and we will inform you of any actions taken regarding these coins/tokens as it relates to the Jireh Token.  We will not discuss our holdings or trades on these tokens.  We will only let you know about funds being used for our charity/utility.  This list of tokens will be updated on a regular basis.


We are open, honest and transparent about both our token and what we are doing with our utility.  If you want to know more, simply email us below.  Please allow time for us to respond. Response time will depend on the number of requests at any given time.

Where did we get the name Jireh for our token?  In Genesis when Abraham believes he is to sacrifice his son Isaac. As we know, Isaac’s life was spared and this led to Abraham naming the space Jehovah-Jireh, meaning The Lord Will Provide. This is future tense, not past tense.  We chose Jireh as meaning provide.  We are commanded throughout the bible to take care of our widows and orphans. We shall provide for our widows.  This video clearly details the events.